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Raw notes and Transcription 1 from Khrandum's perspective.

by Hawke published Feb 24, 2017 07:17 PM, last modified Feb 24, 2017 07:17 PM
Transcription of the episode, of course from Khrandum's perspective.

Hmm, my video and audio really distorted and laggy.

Green screen causing me to be blocky and fading edges.

My audio a little too quiet.

A viewer created an electronic rendition of song based on Khrandum's mandolin ditty.


Now, second session, all meeting in the tavern, still in Asheron (sp?), still same day.

Around 3:00 pm. After the fight. The Erudite is badly wounded.

Taliya also wounded.

Bard, cure wounds spell on each of them.

Anhura supposed to get a box for Borphin.

Anhura, “You can't believe everything I say…. Criminal.”

The Barkeep, Borphin (sp?), pretty upset about us coming in considering the condition we are in, and Taliya's flaming sword. He threw down his rag, and went into the backroom upset.

When Borphin comes back out, he is whispering to a boy who darts outside nervously.

The boy ran to guard barracks.


Nervous guards summoned Anhura out of tavern.

Toren shows papers to guard that his is of Atachias (Sp?)

Toren threatens younger guard, “I could snap your neck”.

Taliya returns the Erudite's book to him. He accepts back ungratefully in a huff.

Khrandum knows the area through Fallbourne Forest.

My connection issues continued.

Khrandum, the music belies how miserable and dark a place Fallbourne Forest is.


: Let's go to Fallborn Forest, let's all go to Fallborn Forest. Trees are High, and the road is long. Don't go alone, and fear the dark. The bird you hear, isn't a lark.”


Anhura, “I am of the opinion that you will all vote in the opposite favour of my opinion, so I will let you guys sort through all this. I don't really care.”

Finally get on the road.

Find a spot suitable for camping for the night.

My audio kept cutting out.

This was the day that my kids used up our Comcast allotment, so was running over my cell phone.

Had to interrupt gameplayer over these issues.


High Elf has the box.


Anhua met with her conspirators, without any of us knowing.

She is trying to get the box from Anhura. Her conspirators want the box ASAP.

Her conspirator's life or the box. Contract is a contract.


Anhura comes back to the campfire and states, “We're being followed boys and girls.”

When asked why and who, she said she assumed it was the bandits we fought earlier, “those voiceless ones, they're a bad bunch.”

Khrandum sets up Alarm spell around the camp.

Beginning of first watch. Toren notes Taliya's glowing eyes, Toren, “You're eyes are very intriguing, Taliya.”, her response, “I get that a lot”.

Notice that Toren's arm is shiny and undamaged.