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Raw notes and Transcription 2 from Khrandum's perspective

by Hawke published Feb 24, 2017 07:19 PM, last modified Feb 24, 2017 07:19 PM
More raw notes and transcription.

Day 2

Notice Toren spends a lot of time shining his armor and weapons, that appear relatively unused.

During night, assault by “herd” of bears!

Bards alarm went off shortly after spotted by those on watch.

Dragonborn trips and lands in my tent.

I awaken with “Kron's beard!”

Battle ensues.

I used minor illusion cantrip, sound, behind the bear, super high pitched scream, as loud as the spell allows. In hopes of distracting the bear. Lasts for 1 minute.

Stops bear from once again attacking Toren that had fallen to ground, and the bear goes running away toward the sound.

I was later mauled by one of the bears.

The Erudite runs in opposite direction of the bear to the center of the group, and shouts to Taliya, “You're on your own woman!”. He “selfishly” casts false light on himself.

When technical difficulties, play Fallbourne Forest music. And as DM said, “Dance like a bard.”

During battle, we are told by DM we notice that though Toren does not seem untrained, he moves nervously, as though new to actual battle.

Bear still on top of Khrandum, mauling him, as Toren brings his ax down upon it.

Bear hit hard by Toren's ax, and then Taliya's sword hits hard as well, and rolls over on top of Khrandum, and then back on its feet and away.

Khradum punnily calls out, “I 'bearly' survived that!”. Then moved away, while shouting thank you to Toren and Taliya. Pulled back, preparing to help heal people the next round.

As she shoots an arrow at a bear, and grazes Toren's neck (but hits the bear), Anhura states, “For the record Dwarf, your puns are un'bear'able.”, as she drops the bear.

Khrandum responds, “Just grin and 'bear' it!” grimacing through his pain.

Khrandum checks on everyone's wound status.

Anhura, “Not a scratch thanks. I think the ladies made a good team, for the record”.

Khrandum, “Oh I'm sorry, I it just em-BEAR-assing I took such a mauling there.”, grinning and grimacing through pain, holding his wounds, being the only seriously hurt party member, trying to lighten the mood after the violence we just experienced.

The party broke out in laughter.


Toren guts the bear and starts scavenging the meat and fur.

After checking with the rest of the party, Khrandum then heals self.

After all this, the Alarm spell finally stops.

But the magic screaming still continues. Nobody knows (Beside's Khrandum), why the screaming.

Taliya asks, “Is someone screaming, should we go help someone?”

Khrandum, “Oh, oh, I'm sorry about that,” I then make it stop, “ uh, uh, that was me, sorry. Sorry about that.”

Taliya, “That was awful”.

Khrandum, “It lured the bear off Toren, so, it did what was desired.”

Encounter over.

Rest of night uneventful.

The Erudite and Khrandum have next watch.

Erudite states at beginning, “Don't forget to set another alarm up.”

Khrandum does so (30' radius).

I climb up on cluster of rocks, and find Anhura there, she says, “This is my rock. what is the password?” Khrandum responds, “What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”.

Nothing happens.

Khrandum knows that we need ot head south through the clearing, and southwest to get to Fallbourne Forest.

Greenish tint haze in the morning. Khrandum seems to know where to go through this forest.

Anhura, “'My' box” stashed in the hill of rocks. And left a symbol etched into the rock for her criminal friends to find.

Anhura's tagline, “I'm stealthily doing this!”

Everyone notices her fiddling up there, but not aware of what she is doing.

As Amnestria the High Elf, begins collecting her belongings to go, she notices the box is missing, “Where the hell is my box? Where is the Tiefling?!”

Anhura hops down “nimbly from the rock like a cat”.

Khrandum, on watch while Anhura doing shady things, to DM, “Unless they are Drow, I just assume the best”, not thinking anything wrong with her. My intuition roll very low/bad.

Toren perks up out of concern of something unlawful.

Debate below begins about the rock, with accusations flying.

Anhura feigns ignorance knowing anything about what happened to the box.

Anhura continues to claim ignorance about the box.

Khrandum rolled poorly, so thinks everything is fine.

Khrandum, “Maybe it was scattered during the battle, let's look around.” Starts searching around trying to be helpful.

Anhura, “Innocent until proven guilty, anyone ever heard of this?”

Erudite asks, “You swear this item is not on your person?” (of course its in the rocks!) :-).

Anhura, “Yah, I swear.”

Erudite, “Would you be against us checking your person, to make sure? If it is not on you, then you have nothing to hide, surely.”

Anhura, “I guess, if you must.” Indignant.

DM to Khrandum, you noticed her messing around, fumbling around, didn't take note. Something about the rock, carved some kind of symbol on the rock. A circle, a couple of lines, an arrow pointing down.

Unfortunately due to my low insight roll (rolled a 2/4). So, though I saw the symbol, I'm not putting 2 and 2 together.

Khran leaps up to look at the symbol, but I don't think it is relevant, so continue searching, without saying anything.

Khrandum, “Well, I don't see anything here, maybe one of the bears ate it?” Cigar box sized.

For the first time in the journey?, Erudite dramatically closes his book, takes a deep breath, and holds the book to his side, and walks to Anhura, he says, “Look, we are a group bound by fate. We've gone through two battles now. Anything that is coming your way, is coming our way too. And I'm sure you know that right now.” Trying to persuade her. “If there is anything that you can tell us, anything at all, that can help us, help you. Please, this is your only chance.”

Khrandum, “That's some good 'out of the box thinking' Erudite”.

Erudite rolls a one on his persuade.

Anhura, not persuaded, “That was a fascinating, and even emotionally moving – I'm stirred – speech. But what was your point?”

Erudite sighs, walks away picking his book back up, acting as though nothing happened. Burying his face in the book.

Khrandum, very concerned about he dissension plaguing this group.

I pour through my memory, trying to think of a song that might help encourage, and bring us together in common cause. Pulling out my Mandolin, with a worried look, and starts strumming it.

Song is uplifting to everyone's mood.

Taliya, to Amnestria, “maybe something just happened to it, but we need to just move forward. We are bound.”

Performance check: 23!

Everyone knows this song in the group. A very uplifting thing for weddings, parties, etc.

Everyone feels uplifted, even forgetting briefly about Anhura is a thief. Hoping that if she has it, she will give it up, or that it will turn up.

Part of the lyrics, a reminder in the song, that we're part of the what is going to be laid in the pages of history.

Amnestria, bitter about the pressure from the rest of the part not caring about the box the way she does.

Once more, finally, resuming the travel to the south/southwest.

As everyone leaves, Amnestria makes one my investigation, hoping to see some clue. Amnestria certain Anhura is lying.


Later, we hear through the mists engulfing us.

Starting to see another clearing, and hear a little girl singing, and just make out the top of a house through the mists ahead of us, lyrics indistinguishable at this distance.

The bard perks up at the sound of the music. Almost “floating” in the direction of the music, as it calls to him. Khrandum, “Another muse! I must follow a muse!”. Going toward the mist-engulfed house. Khrandum disappears into the mist after about 20'.


Taliya, “Khran?”

Khrandum, “Yes?”

Taliya, nervously, “Ahhh, maybe not go towards the terrifying child voice? Just ahhh, we can't see you.”

Anhura, “The incredibly creepy child voice.”

Khrandum, “But isn't that a beautiful song?”, enchanted.

Taliya, “No. No.”

Amnestria, “Yeah, step back, step back.”

Khrandum comes walking back through the mist, “What? What's wrong? My muse calls to me.”

Taliya, “I don't think that is one of your muses.”

Amnestria, “What is it with your muses?”

Anhura, derisively, “This guy and his muses.”

Khrandum, “I'm a bard, what do you expect?” laughing a little awkwardly.

The Erudite, “Bard, do you recognize anything about this song?”.

Khrandum, “Hmmm, let me listen for a bit.” His outline seen in the fog, as everyone still follows along at a diance.

As we listen, we can start to make out some of the lyrics.

<Unfortunately I can't actually understand the lyrics with the echo effect and music in background that doesn't quite match>

… tearing down the kings and peasants…

… a moon a crescent…

Continuing over and over.

Recognize the song as “The Red Wyrm of Strife”. Amnestria knows it, it has a lot to do with the history of the High Elves. Has to do with the Sylifia Citadel (spelling), and the war with the dragon.

I know a more upbeat version of this song.

I roll a 24 on lore.

Tells about this old dragon, named Wyrmheart. A great battle in the northernlands. A huge canyon we'd heard about. The song for High Elves is depressing. For Khrandum, it is uplifting, “we have beat the dragon”.

Addressing Taliya, Khrandum states, “It was the muses in my head that I heard back at the village. It was the letters that the others received. It was the voice of the possessed old man. That told us to come to this forest. Perhaps this is what we are here for. Should we not at least investigate?”

Amnestria, the haughty High Elf spokane to Khrandum, saying, “This song is not what you think it is. What do you think this song represents?”

Khrandum, “The great adventures against Wymheart the Dragon!Victory! Inspiration! The opportunities for glory and history.”

Amnestria, “Just stop! You don't know what you're talking about.”

Khrandum, “You cut me to the quick.”

Taliya, “What is this song about Amnestria?”

Amnestria, derisively, “The song is not about a 'great battle'. It is about many years ago, and my people, there were so many lost, it is a terrible, terrible memory.”

Khrandum, “But your people DID prevail!”.

Taliya, “Khrandum, perhaps we should look upon Amnestria's wisdom in this instance. She has more ties to this song.”

Toren, “Wait a minute, I'm a dragon here, and… Let's go figure out what's goin' on!”

Khrandum to the others, “If you do not think this is why we are here, then certainly we can continue on. I am sorry if… the call of the muses are a distraction. It was not my intention.”

This all taking place 2/3rds of the way to Fallbourne Forest.

Khrandum, “We still have another third of the way to travel, so perhaps you are right about the best course. My apologies Amnestria, I yield to your Elven Wisdom.”

Amnestria, somewhat mollified, “I appreciate that.”

Then Toren interject, “No! I think we go!”.

Khrandum, “Now Toren, we could always come back. It is not that far away from where we are headed. We should finish our original purpose first, and then we can come back and see what this is about.”

Taliya, “There's always time for creepy child voices, later.”

Amnestria & Anhura joining in with Taliya, all 3 speaking at once, “a later, later, time”.

Khrandum, “What do you think there Erudite? Or Anhura, how do you feel? I think we should continue on, we can always come back another time. I think Amnestria may have a good point, for now.”

Anhura, “I'm no superstitious particularly, so…. Creepy but… I'm not going to disagree with Amnestria I mean, this is a sad sounding song, but I'm not freaked out about it.”

Toren, “That's where I am.”

Anhura, “I'm wildly curious, but, I don't think its necessary.”

Amnestria, “It seems wildly unnatural, I don't think we need to investigate.”

The Erudite, “I don't want to concern myself with that of spectres and children. I think we should just carry on.”

Khrandum, “Very well, let's carry on. Toren, you and I can always come back and check this out another time. For now, let's continue with what our original purpose is. What do you, you big ol' dragon born?” patting him on the back in a friendly manner.

Toren, “Okay, I reluctantly go… But I want to know where that noise is coming from!”

Khrandum, “All in good time, all in good time. We can find out later. Lets move along.”

So we turn back from the mist engulfed home.

Khradnum leaves grudgingly, leaning my head toward the music, still listening.

We noticed as we were talking, our voices seemed muffled in the mist, while the girls continued to echo.

This intrigues the Erudite, since it seems something “unnatural”.

Khrandum hasn't heard this song in this style before.

Spartan pasted links into Discord for me, but I can't find them. Ask him to provide again?




Nearly dark.

Been to the town of nearby “Tomerstock” (sp?) before. But didn't like it. Not very welcoming.

Not receptive to music.

Big lumber town.

Khrandum, “They are a boisterous, hard-working, lumber jack town, and they don't always care for the more nuanced things like music. Tend to prefer to hit each other over the heads with trees and such.”

Sun setting.

A space to camp for the night.

Khrandum, “We can here, and deal with the wildlife accordingly, or travel a few more hours into the night and try to get to the town and sleep in a bed at the Inn?”

Taliya, “That sounds preferable to me.”

Amnestria, “Yeah, I'm really not tired, so that's fine.”

The Erudite, “There has been a foul air that I have noticed in this area, ever since we heard that singing. I would advise that we do use caution however, just in case. You lot might want to keep that in mind.”, and once again covers his face with his book.

Khrandum, “Okay, I won't be singing any marching songs aloud.”

Anhura, “I will say, I'm not as concerned about the ghosts and spooks, as I am about the people. I don't know that they sound like they are going to be very welcoming to strangers rolling into town in the middle of night. Just throwing that out there.”

Khrandum, “That is a good point.”

It is known that the town is heavily (wooden) fortified. DM now informs, when I asked, that they do indeed have a curfew for closing the gates at darkfall.

So…. Nevermind.

Khrandum, “Nevermind, we won't get there before dark.”

Anhura, “I mean, I can get us in but...”

Taliya, “But it might not be the most legal of ways.”

Khrandum, “Yeah, you are right, they do lock up the gates night. You have a good point, so maybe we should spend the night here.”

Amnestria, “Does that really mean that they won't let us in?”

Erudite, “Well I supposed we could camp at the door.”

Amnestria, “I'm sure there's a door we can knock on.”

Taliya, “I mean surely they can understand that we are weary travelers and that we made it just at the...”

DM info, when Khrandum last visited, they weren't very hospitable, not a friendly bunch. Very close-knit family groups. Not very many visitors, since in middle of the Fallbourne Forest, with all this mist. This is why Khrandum was leary to begin with.

The place pretty much mute to entertainment.

I only visited during the day. They took away my instruments. No weapons or instruments!

Khrandum, “Well, you should know that they have a 'no weapons AND no instruments policy' for within their borders. I think I would rather be there in the daytime if I am going to be disarmed, than in the middle of the night.”

Taliya, “Agreed

Amnestria, “I can agree with that.”

Anhura, “Agreed.”

The Erudite, “As long as they have nothing against reading.”

Khrandum, “I don't know if they even know what a book is there...”

DM, “That would be a good assumption.”

Khrandum, “So, perhaps we should spend this night here. What do you think?”

Anhura, “Yeah, I ahhhh, agreed.”

Amnestria, “I will take a bit of a rest, I guess.”

Khrandum, “We'll have to definitely be on our guard.”

Anhura, “Yeah, I liked our alarm system and watch setup last time.”

Khrandum, “I can do one more, I have one spell left I can do for the night before I must rest.”

Khrandum, “Are we doing a fire?”

DM, the rain has stopped, but the mist is still pretty deep, even for the night time.

Toren to Zackimus, “Zackimus setup a fire.”

Zackimus fearfully, “Wh-wh-aaaa-wh-wh-aaaaa-, what would you like me to do sir?”

Toren, “Build a fire. Get a little giddy-up.”

Khrandum, “Make it an extra big one, make it a bonfire! Burn away those mists.”

Zackimus, “Y-y-y-y-ou mean, you'd like me to get some wood out there?” looing anxiously at the mists.



More on the way as time permits...