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Campaign Notes

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Campaign Notes

Posted by admin at June 01. 2015

Posted by Hawkeat February 13. 2013

Originally posted January 09. 2013

Here are the notes (public) from the campaign thus far.

Technical setup for web-based RPG sessions.

Google Plus Hangout for audio/video/text.


The group so far is as follows:

Joe Koenen → Wood Elf Ranger

Katy Koenen → Half Wood Elf Druid

Brennan Robinson → Sea Elf Bard -> Brennan quit shortly afterward.

Kesan H. → Human Barbarian

Drake → Human Wizard


Joe's Character Summary

Outer appearance:




Katy's Character Summary

Outer appearance:



Kesan's Character Summary

Outer appearance:

"Dothraki style" human barbarian



Drake's Character Summary

Outer appearance:




Campaign beginning


At the port city of Balcoth

A heavy fog is rolling in.


Everyone is talking about threatening armada and forces building from Mordred across the seas.

Recently a portion of the dread armada encircled the seas around the port, and have cut off all traffic in the past 2 days.



The players are meeting at the tavern. Numiens Inn & Tavern.

By various means (background stories), they have each been told to come to this place, at this time to meet with a contact: Human arrogant, disgusted with those around him.



Dressed in white on white, with fine blue filigree. Very effeminate highish voice.


This contact is a representative of “my Lord”.

This is extra tricky in this particular part of the world for non-human characters. Folks in this town and the surrounding country side have a strong dislike of non-humans. So non-human PCs will have to be in disguise and/or hooded at all times.

The mission is several-fold

  1. Get out of the country ASAP, avoiding the enemy units on the way, and avoid capture at all costs.

  2. Take this sealed ivory scroll case with them.

  3. Visit a small farming village to the northeast, Kesarnach, and check on the health and well-being of a Lady Dranara. (middle-eastern style woman). The village is at the feet (just west of) the Dragon Spine Mountains.

  4. Give her the ivory case.

  5. Follow her instructions after she opens the case. To go to a near mountain with her, there to speak with the Oracle.

    6 through 9 not yet known by players.



The players hopped into (and some on) Torschalan's carriage, and fled the town. At the gates, they had to fight their way through.

Then they fled north on the King's Road, with some final pursuit and battle at full speed.

The killed and pushed off the final foes being dragged, and ran off into the night.


They then took a small side road to a cottage. They thought they would be safe there, but......

Re: Campaign Notes

Posted by admin at June 01. 2015

Posted by Hawkeat February 13. 2013

Originally posted January 09. 2013

Joe spotted dark figure in the night on horse. He kept shooting at it. then they fled.

They left north overland, rather than the road. Cutting north, parallel to the King's Road. Then north east, trying to cut across land.

Re: Campaign Notes

Posted by admin at June 01. 2015

wkeat February 17. 2013

Session #5 adventure notes:


They have just arrived at “The Lady's” home after being confronted by her guardian, Sir Karn of the Golden Helm.


They walk into the house to meet The Lady for the first time.

Dimly lit with candles.


She is very comely, with long raven black hair, and pale skin, but with a tint that indicates she would normally tan very well. She is of Middle-eastern descent.

She keeps the bangs of her waist length hair covering the left side of her face.

She is taller than average.


Her clothing is of quality workmanship, but very plain and unadorned.

Speaks very softly,though not timidly.


She explains that the Mordredian forces destroyed her homeland and capital city a number of years ago.

She explains to them that her father's seer told her she was going to play a role in The Great Tale. And the players were not to play their part.

Far north at the borders of the Great Ice, is The Oracle in self exile.

She reads the letter in the scroll.

The letter mentions the far Eastern island nation, ruled by Toranago-sama, is so far the only country to repel the forces of Mordred to date.

The scroll case has a puzzle that reveals a map that leads to the Oracle's hidden abode to the north.

She is not the most important part, but an important small link in the chain. If the chain is broken, then all the world will fall under the rule of Modred's forces, and forever be enslaved.

She is some small link in the chain that will find those that can stop the forces.

The Oracle will finally tell her, the part she is now to play.


She uses her signant ring to unlock the spring loaded puzzle.

Sir Karn does not believe she needs strangers to help, but she believes they are critical to her survival, as does the Lord that sent her the scroll.


They rest, and the following morning, the villages at the base of the hill, bring


The lady insinuated she can heal, and can take care of herself in combat and wilderness situations.


Will take several weeks to reach the border of the ice.


Initially the land is farm and rolling hills ,until the northern end of Sapientium.

Gentle wavy fields, much of it farmland.


Has helped the crops and trade flourish.

She speaks Sylvan.

She is 6' tall.

She is of royal line. Her entire family, as far as she knows, has been slaughtered by Mordred. She is the last of her line.


Sir Karn is 6'4" tall, muscular, white haired (close cropped) and clean shaven. He is 67 years old. Very well disciplined.

He is not of the same ethnicity as Lady Drunara.


Unknown which side the Drow are allied with. As far as they know, the Mordredian forces have not attacked or allied with the Drow, but they don't really know.

The lady has not seen a Drow I a long time. He ran into one in the wastes near the base of the Dragonspine mountains. Before Sir Karn finished him off, they did get information that they the Drow are slowly building their forces deep underground.


They noticed Sir Karn was tense when discussing Drow.

Joe's character, illicited great prejudice against humans. Denies the existence of Drow as a Human lie, and claims all Elves that trade with Humans, are traitors.


This might be a problem.

The Southern Elves have been open to trade.

The Western Elves open to political negotiations, but not trade.

The Northern Elves, she knows little of. They do not trade or deal politically.

She had healed a wounded Northern Elf. But she does not know if they will welcome them with open arms, or if they should traverse the boundary.


Joe's character wants to cut through the Northern Elves Woods directly, he will deal with negotiations with the Elves if necessary.


Drake's character (NPC'd by hawke) “what's in it for us”, “I'm broke”.


“Lord Torschalan promised there would be something at the end”


She admits that Lord Torschalan has given her a small map of emergency cache of scrolls, weapons, treasure, and other wealth.


Only guarded by Wards, and The Lady knows the words to disable the Wards.

The treasure is only a half day journey from The Oracle.


Desslock, “If you're not prepared to kill your way through this, then you should go home” to Andrew Gaunt.


After hitting the road, very well equipped by The Lady and the villagers.

The villagers will look after the house. Specifically the farmer that Deslock and Andrew harrassed earlier.


Sir Karn and The Boy travel with Lady Drunara.


They saw one rider following them a few days into their journey. The rider galloped away when Desslock saw the rider.



It became colder each day, and actually snowed by the end of the first week?


Map of the encounter area.


They fought successfully against the 3 Mordredian horsemen. 1 swordsman (low rank), and 2 bowmen (low rank, but higher than the swordsman).

A fourth turned back south before heading towards the ambush.


The party was gorily victorious.

They killed the bowmen, and captured the swordsman. Lady Drunara healed him just enough as she ripped out the arrow from his lung, with flesh and bone still on the barbed tip, to keep him alive along enough to intorrogate.

Desslock relished the human soldier's suffering.


Between gurgling blood, he indicated he was sent by Sergeant Harden.


Desslock -2 to Will check to resist killing the guy. Would normally be -4, but since already killed some, he had a little more self control, and for the reason of interrogating, otherwise would have been -4 to his will check to resist killing the guy. He threw a tantrum but didn't kill him.


Kol ended his Rage.


Kol did not recognize this guy as one of the three soldiers back at the tavern outside the South Pass Keep tavern at the edge of the cleared area.


His mission: The Sergeant said that some “hoity toity lady left the village, and to capture her and bring her back for questioning”.


Desslock accused the Lady's humans of selling her out (from the village). She disagreed that they did so willingly.

The soldier indicated their troops razed the village to the ground.

In anger, Joe then jammed the arrow into the soldier's eye into his brain.


Joe and Company loot the corpses.


And everyone gets XP.

They took cloaks, and lots of other stuff as loot. Will make it easier for Mordredian wizards to track them.


They then quickly hit the road. This means it took them about 30 minutes from the end of the battle to loot everything and hit the road.



Kol's discussion with Sir Karn regarding Drow? I need to email him.


Lady Drunara thanks Deslock for killing the soldier after he confessed the village was cinders.


Everyone will be level 2 by next session.


1200 xp total.




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