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Many-fold Mission, The

by admin published Jun 21, 2015 02:40 AM, last modified Jun 21, 2015 02:40 AM
This is a list of the tasks put to the PCs through Torschalan...
  1. Get out of the country ASAP, avoiding the enemy units on the way, and avoid capture at all costs. - Accomplished.

  2. Take this sealed ivory scroll case with them. - Accomplished.

  3. Visit a small farming village to the east, Kesarnach, and check on the health and well-being of a Lady Drunara. (middle-eastern style woman). The village is at the feet (just west of) the Dragon Spine Mountains. - Accomplished.

  4. Give her the ivory case. - Accomplished.

  5. Follow her instructions after she opens the case. To go north to a mountain with her, there to speak with The Oracle. - In progress.

  6. Since Joe's first character died, need to insert his new PC. About to do. Cleric....

  7. The PC's will find the Oracle's abode has been attacked by magical forces. The Oracle is still just barely alive, using magicks to preserve her life long enough waiting for the PC's to arrive. She will perish shortly after completing her task.

  8. The Oracle will reveal a number of issues, not least of which is that the western lands are doomed, and already being overridden by those of Mordred's forces, taking over the lands of the West. Worse yet, that the illness the PC's recently have seen amongst villagers and soldiers, carry a terrible disease with them, that is starting to spread faster than the soldiers themselves are. The Oracle predicts all these lands will be overrun within the year, and the only safety is over the sea away from the forces and the disease.

  9. Travel further north and east with the lady, oer the Dragon Spine Mountains across the lands north of the Arid Lands to the Northern East Coast.

  10. Book passage (funds supplied by lady) for the lady to Far Eastern land.

  11. Travel by sea to the Far East land of _________________ (oriental). She has family there, she is half oriental.

  1. There she is to meet her grandfather....