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Wild Woods, The

by admin published Jun 21, 2015 02:40 AM, last modified Jun 21, 2015 02:40 AM
The woods bordering the east side of the north road, east of the Druids, and South of the Woodelves, remains an uncontrolled wildland.

This true WILDerness is filled with almost every horror that can tolerate this temperate to cold northern forest and even colder high mountains. Many of the races and creatures that lived in the surrounding lands to the west and south, have slowly been driven out of their old lands by the growth of Sapientium in recent decades, and the battles of the Woodelves. Now one of the few refuges south of the Great Ice, this land is full of a motley array of dangers. Including but not limited to the usual wildlife of foxes, wolves, and bears, the greater perils include:

* Frost Giants in the upper reaches.

* Abominable snowmen/Yeti

* Dire Wolves

* Dire Bears

* Neanderthal tribes

* Saber tooth tigers

* Ogre Mage

* Beholder (lesser)

* Hill giants

* Young White Dragon in a peak

* Orcs