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Ascentiatus (High Elves)

by Hawke published Oct 21, 2015 10:25 AM, last modified Oct 21, 2015 10:38 AM
High Elves, the “Ascentiatus”

High Elves have a richly developed society, with incredible architecture, artwork, inventions, magic works, well-developed cities, and a richly developed society.

Next to those "Travellers" from other planes, they are arguably the most technologically and socially advanced of the local races. With incredible architecture, inventions, magics, and well developed cities.

There are several Ascentiatus kingdoms throughout the World of Beru.

They are largely a feudal system within each kingdom.

Some kingdoms may have a treaty with others, but they are not united in general.

Though large in numbers and land, they are no longer warmongering, nor generally expansionist (anymore), in fact they have been steadily retreating from the borders of their lands with the non-elf lands.

If they have recurring troubles on one of their borders, they will eventually become “fed up” with the annoyance, gather an overwhelming military force (and magic), and then drive out the trouble makers from that surrounding area, creating a buffer zone, and claiming the lands in victory, to be settled by military outposts.

All the borders of the Ascentiatus are well guarded by military units.

No civilian Ascentiatus settlements are ever found outside of the militarized borders.

High Elves are welcome to freely come and go through these borders, but non-High-Elves must endure lengthy bureaucratic procedures for admittance within the kingdom.

This includes other elves, though there is preference given to other elves compared to other races, even from rival kingdoms (except for Drow).