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Nebulatus (Gray Elves / Mist Elves)

by Hawke published Oct 21, 2015 10:50 AM, last modified Oct 21, 2015 10:51 AM
The Grey Elves, or Elves of the Mists. "Nebulatus"

The Nebulatus have always been small in numbers in the core manifestation of the multiverse of the Worlds of Beru.

As scarce as Nochtiatus currently seem to others to be, the Nebulatus have always been.

Storytellers have tales that they are the only race able to see between the Sundering Mists[+] and that the more wizened ones can control where and when they appear in the other worlds.

Little is really known about them. No one knows of any homeland, they appear merely as wanderers, usually alone, though rarely in groups, stating they are seeking the undying lands where they can finally rest their ancient and weary souls.

They are distant and aloof, but humble. They will help those in dire need when they can, but will not go out of their way any more than is absolutely necessary, and try to resume their quest for the Undying Lands, as soon as they can.

One tale tells that long ago they could travel through the great expanses of space between the worlds in the skies, in great ships of power.

Some stories claim their motto to be "we are gray, we stand between the darkness and the light", indicating their aeons-long war against those of evil and darkness. They are avowed enemies of Lolth and her ilk, and will usually slay a Drow on sight, without hesitation.