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Halflings (Overview)

by Hawke published Feb 10, 2018 04:05 PM, last modified Feb 20, 2018 03:57 PM
Halflings are a diminutive, uncommon species in the core world of Beru, but they have managed to make little toeholds (pun intended) in all of the major continents, and even here and there on the rare larger island (though most are afraid of the "big waters").

3 types of Halflings: Harfoot, Stout, Tallfellow.

Most prefer comfort. Generally prefer nice underground dwellings (with doors on the surface. Some, out of necessity for local terrain, live in single-story buildings.


They speak their own tongue of ancient Hobytlish among their own kind, plus whatever is usually a variant of the local tongue with a heavy accent.

The few times they are in numbers large enough for a town, it is now more than 500 in population. There are rarely 1,000 in any given area (continent/region).

The Wood Elves and the High Elves like having Halflings as neighbors, for a buffer between them and other species, since Halflings are never interested in conquering, and only learning fighting for self defense, or the rare few (considered crazy), that want to "go adventurin'", known as the "damn fool wanderlust".


Example town of halflings.

Between Aridia and the High Elves, the inlet sea, n the north shore, by the mountain pass. 3 names: the Hobytlyn name, High Elf (latinius) name, and Aridian (Persiastic) name.

 There is a human settlement right on the coast, but up the river inland toward the mountains, is an area of hobbits, the village is called Underhill. The surrounding area is known by the Aridians as Pa' rakshan, and by the High elves as "Terra Viridium". The hobbits call the area "The Green". It stands in stark contrast to the sandy brown across the ay to the south. It is an idillic environment quite excellent for farming, or just lazing around in the tall green grass. It is mixed with trees, but no heavy forests until closer to the mountain pass. The pass is known as "Green Pass" by the hobbits and humans. It is a small, difficult pass, and the High Elves are snooty about it. They refer to it as "Nihil Tranisitus", the mountain pass of no consequence.