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Places and People of Note

by admin published Jun 27, 2015 07:15 AM, last modified Jun 27, 2015 07:15 AM
by Hawke — last modified Jan 28, 2015 11:21 PM - This is a placeholder of many other places of note. I have far more details than posted here, they are meant as teasers for the players, your characters may have heard tidbits about each place, or maybe nothing more than a name, but this provides some hints as to what exists, which are meant to be discovered over time through adventure.

Port City of Balcoth

On the south end of the Sapientium kingdom(s), it is the largest port in the area (there are smaller ports along the coastline). Their greatest trade is with nearby Grecos Isle.


A large chain of very large close-knit islands (can take many days to travel from one end to another) with large plains of huge grasses, and the fastest horses known.

The Kesani Barbarians

Famous as being born in the saddle as horsemen wielding wickedly curved swords, they come from the large Kesani islands chain far to the Southwest. They generally avoid the great waters, fearing being out of sight of land, which fortunately keeps their hordes raiding each other between isles, but some individuals for various reasons come to the mainlands occasionally. They are notoriously quiet spoken, blunt, capable of sudden violence and then resuming a meal without batting an eye.

Numien's Inn & Tavern


The Plague

Morganna LeFay


The forced incestuous offspring of Morganna LeFay and Arthur Pendragon. Mordred is now the leader of the most feared military in all the lands and seas.

Uther Pendragon

The first person to unite the Warring Kingdoms of Sapientium. He followed the "might is right" approach, and through help from Merlin, a magic sword, and his incredible combat prowess and strength of presence, over decades, managed to form the first united kingdom. It didn't last long though, he was a man of strong passions, and his lusts lead to the unity only last a few short years before it fell apart. It would be many years again, until Uther's son, Arthur, would be returned by the machinations of Merlin, to begin reuniting the kingdoms once again...

Arthur Pendragon, Arturias Rex


Aridian, the dry lands of the east

The Queen's Road

High House


The King's Road

The Southern Pass

Sir Karn of the Golden Helm


Amir Arsham Atash

Shahin SetAreh Bolour

Arsham Pariz'Ad



Kar Dothmorkon


Hero of Many Lands

The Valkyrie

The Underdark




The Wanderer

Guardian of the Mountain






The World Ash Tree







Darco Andropolis

Mic Deepfurrow

The Wild Woods

The Druids' Gates

Draoi Geata

Sean Draoi

Abhainn Iníon

The Great Tree Walls

Magna Arbor Murus

Arboria Maximus

Lignus Silvatus

The Northrons